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Teenagers and learning

How do you teach a teenager who wants to stay in bed rather than turn up to school before 9am and start a lesson? It’s simple, you don’t. Recent studies have shown that teenagers learn better if their classes are later in the day. This is because teenagers need more sleep than children and adults,

Why we need a good education

Education is now more important to the young than ever before. Now there are fewer jobs, and no-one can be guaranteed a job for life anymore. Gone are the traditions of finishing school, beginning employment and finding yourself still working for the same company 40 years later. These days jobs are hard to come by,

The Pros and Cons of Home Schooling

The subject of home schooling is one that often comes up when we think and talk about education. It’s though there are as many as 1.5 million home schooled children in the United States, which shows that this form of teaching is a lot more popular than many people realized. The trouble is that when

Kinesthetic Learners and Schools

It was recently discovered that children learn in different ways. We all have different personalities and abilities, so I guess it makes sense that we learn differently too. When it comes to education, you will often find that students are taught in one specific way. The whole class is usually told to sit down and

Are qualifications indicative of intelligence?

When we hear that someone has been rewarded a degree we are pleased. It shows that they’re clever enough to achieve a high standard of work. But are qualifications really indicative of intelligence? In some respects, yes they are, someone with a master’s degree or a PhD is obviously clever, but what about those who

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